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Geeking Out Tonight

It's been a long long time coming.

I'm heading out to Phoenix Hobbies tonight for a fun filled evening of playing some Warhammer! With the move I haven't played a game in months.

I was very happy to find this hobby store about 25 minutes from home so I can continue my gaming and painting hobby. Thanks to the Montreal Games Workshop store for letting me know about these guys!

So the miniatures are unpacked and dusted off now and I'm ready for some gaming action! Since I sold two of my armies on EBay before moving that leaves me just my Dark Elves to play tonight. I haven't used this army in about 2 years so I'm sure to lose incredibly bad tonight but it will be fun anyways!

A month already!

Hard to believe it... September 20th was the day we packed up the car and left Montreal, Quebec for Elmira, Ontario! We've been here for a month now. Amazing! Man, does time ever fly by fast!

There is still some unpacking to do. The storage areas and garage are in dire need of some organizing. But it is coming along nicely and really starting to feel like home. I'll feel much better once all my Warhammer miniatures are out of boxes and all my power tools are put away nicely :-)

Last week I was hit with a bit of homesickness... missing friends, colleagues and just the familiarity of Montreal. Thankfully, by yesterday that's been fading. Thank God for people praying for me in both provinces :-)

The position at Woodside is going great. I've been meeting all the different small groups and ministry leaders. This has been a great way for me to get a feel for the church here. It's also been a really nice way for me to get to know more of the people here in the congregat…

Here's Here I'm Working

For those of you who have been asking, here is a shot of the church where I'm now working.

Luckily it stopped snowing long enough for me to take this picture!

Sermon Podcasts

Since it only took about five minutes to set up I got our church's sermons up and running as a podcast in iTunes (still playing with some technology... I know... I just can't help it.)

You can either go to the iTunes link here or else go use the FeedBurner link to subscribe via your RSS reader.

Never Had My Name on a Door Before

Name Tag
Originally uploaded by DominoPreacher. This photo is to confirm that, yes, I really did become a pastor and didn't leave my job to go and work for IBM :-)

The last two weeks have been great. Everyone here at Woodside Bible Fellowship have been just wonderful welcoming me and my family to the church and the neighborhood. We're so thrilled to be here.

The position is going very well. I'm really enjoying it and it's so great to see God working through so many really cool ministries here. I'm still in learning mode trying to absorb everything. Hopefully I'll get a more regular schedule set up in the next few weeks as I meet more of the ministry leaders and volenteers.