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Google Calendar

I've just recently started playing around with Google Calendar. There's a link under my profile on the right if you're interested in checking out my schedule.

I was looking at this as a possibility of getting some kind of shared calendar here at the church for all the staff. We are using Outlook for our mail but since we're not on an Exchange server we're unable to do any type of sharing or booking appointments. There was a free Internet service that used to do this but that's no longer available. I'm reading through Microsoft's Knowledge Base (I never did find this easy to do!) and came across one that may help so maybe I'll give this a try this afternoon...

If only we had a Domino server here... hmmm.... that's not a bad idea... I wonder if IBM gives out free licenses to churches... :)

Pumpkin Art

Last year was my first attempt at carving a more interesting design in our pumpkin for Halloween. Since I enjoyed it so much I figured that this year I would try two!

Both Cameron and Samantha helped me in picking the design. I thought the Tigger one turned out great.

Next year I think I'm going to get very brave and pick up some carving tools and really go crazy with this.

Free Hugs

I definitely need to work this into a sermon on the importance of loving those around us!

I Hate It When This Happens...

Reading the news this morning I was quite bummed out learning about the accusations of Rev. Ted Haggard. He is the president of the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals and the Senior Pastor of the 14,000 member New Life Church.

I really hope all the allegations are false... Thoughts and prayers going out to him, his family, and his church. I hope they can pull through this...

This does really enforce to me the importance of accountability in our lives. I always worried about the leaders of our churches... as they lead and invest in the lives of others, I wonder who is walking with them and investing into their lives? Whether your the pastor of a church of 50 or 50,000 it's so important to find those people that God brings into your life in order to keep you real! It's always a major victory if Satan can take a leader like that down. And that just sucks...