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Indiana Jones is Back!

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Steven Speilberg stopped by via live video from the set of the new Indiana Jones movie. If you haven't seen this video yet, you have to head over to and give it a watch. It's great to see Harrison Ford again as Indy! And Marian Ravenwood is back!!! Woohoo!!! I so can't wait to see this movie!!!

End of Week Brain Dump

This was quite the week for me. Lots going on at the church and here at home. It feels like my head is spinning in a hundred different directions... so here is just a quick brain dump of the stuff I'm thinking of this Thursday evening as I prepare for another weekend.
I LOVE serving at Woodside. We have such a great staff there! It really makes my day serving with each and every one of them. I so pumped at what God is going to be doing there over the next few years!
I SOOOOO can't wait to get this basement finished. I was doing the last of the drywall sanding this evening (and the dust is stuck in my eyes and ears!). Tomorrow I'll do the last coat of the primer then I think we'll hit the paint store in the afternoon to buy the color we're going to do.
The book Simple Church got me really excited and bummed out at the same time. I just love the idea of returning to a simpler ministry of focusing on making disciples. I love the idea of putting together a clear …

Did Two Interviews This Week

In the last 5 days I have been interviewed by two different writters in order to get my opinion for their articles. I actually find this pretty funny since I'm always surprised that anyone would even care what I think :) It's not like I'm anyone of importance or influence. I'm just a simple guy into God, his family and all things geeky...

Anyways, both interviews were quite fun and I'm actually pretty excited (and nervous) about how I get quoted in the articles. The first interview was with Manda from Saddleback Church. She is working on an article to promote Pastor Rick Warren's new podcast for pastors. I've posted responses to the podcast on the blog on how much this podcast has helped me in my own ministry so they wanted to share that with other pastors. I really enjoyed my chat with her and I was very happy to help out with promoting this wonderful resource to pastors.

The other one was with the local newspaper here in Elmira. They are doing an ar…

New Domain Name

Just a little update for anyone who may still be reading this blog using the domain. I figured that since I'm not a Notes/Domino consultant any more I should probably let that address die out... so I registered a new one.

As of now you can find this site at (or you can continue to use the long winded blogspot address).

I was debating just using my name for the URL... but my last name is too hard to spell :) Sure... in a number of years I won't technically be a newbie pastor any more... but in a way, no matter how much experience I have, I think I'll always be a newbie learning all the great things that God wants to do in this world! So it is :-)

Transformers was AWESOME!

I love it when a summer blockbuster doesn't disappoint! And TRANSFORMERS definitely lived up to and far exceeded my expectations!

From beginning to end, my mouth was wide open in awe over the effects of the robots transforming back and forth from vehicle to robot. I laughed my head off at the humour and sat there blown away during the battle scenes. I loved the military aspect of the story... except for the guy who heads up Sector 7. They should have done that guy differently.

Sure... I wish we would have seen more of the Decepticons. And I would have loved to see Megatron transform into a giant alien blaster canon, and smack around Starscream. But those little details can easily be ignored or, better yet, looked forward to in the sequel!

I will DEFINITELY be seeing this movie again on the big screen before the end of the summer!

Happy Birthday Sam!

With all the craziness around our place the last couple of weeks I didn't get a chance to blog a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little princess Samantha!

She turned the big 4 on Saturday. We had a very nice little birthday party for her out in the rain at the camp site we were at.

So hard to believe that my little baby is already four years old! She's such a little lady already and really is such a joy in my life. I'm sure she's going to be a stand up comic one day :-)

Love ya Princess!

Kevin Gets His Groove Back

My reading groove that is.

Seems like it's been months since I've been able to get through a book. Probably all the reading that I had to do for my seminary course burned out one of my reading brain cells or something. Well, it finally looks like it started to grow back :-)

This weekend I started 2 books and I'm nearly finished both of them. One is a "work" book and the other is pure mindless fun.

Yesterday I started reading Simple Church by Tom Rainer and Eric Geiger. I'm already half way through it. I'm LOVING this book! This book is wonderful for church leaders who feel like their ministry is turning into complex program management. It's the call to return to the simple mission of creating disciples in our churches. It's the call to not do programs because we "have to" but to simplify the church to be more influencial in the lives of the congregation and in our communities. I can see how after reading this a church would really be tempte…

If I Were a Simpsons.

Thought this was pretty fun. Check out The Simpsons Movie website and create your own avatar to see just how you would look in this animated world :-)

I tried to find a way to make the hair a little grayer... and with a bit more of a hair line... maybe the next version of it.

Have fun!

Ten Years!

Yesterday marked the ten year anniversary of when my wife, Danielle, and I started dating!

Actually, it wasn't exactly when we started dating... we started dating a few weeks before that... July 10th, 1997 was when she let me put a "label" on our relationship and I was allowed to introduce her to my friends and colleagues as "my girlfriend".


Love ya babe! You're the greatest! Looking forward to several more 10 year milestones!

Prison Break Sermon

Here is the audio of my sermon from July 1st.

God has really been working on my heart in the area of Evangelism and seeing people set free from the spiritual prisons that they find themselves in. This sermon really is just a pouring out of my heart in this area.

Feel free to give it a listen and be sure to let me know what you think.

Almost Built an Ark

During the summer months, our Monday night Men's Bible Study has turned into Monday Night Out On the Links. We're getting about 10-20 guys together every Monday night for a nine hole game of golf.

Well tonight it almost turned into a boat building evening. We got poured on! The sky was clear right up until 20 minutes after the first group went out. The lightning and thunder were pretty impressive at one point. I was in the last group... and only played 4 holes before we finally gave up and went back in to dry off and grab something warm to eat.

At least everyone still had fun... and the club was very nice and gave everyone a rain check.

Star Wars Game on the Wii

Since I've picked up the Nintendo Wii in April I've been anxious for some news as to whether or not we'd ever see a really cool Star Wars game on this platform. Some of my favorite video games of all time have been the Jedi Knight series on the PC. Visions of running around my living room, using the Wii remote as my lightsaber have brought glee of geekiness to my heart!

I just stumbled on this piece of news on the Lucasarts website. Not sure how I missed it... but the new LEGO Star Wars Complete Saga will be coming out on the Wii! I haven't played either of the first two LEGO Star Wars games since my PC is nearly 8 years old and just not powerful enough for them. So I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one!

I sure do hope Lucasarts goes all out with the options on the Wii remote!

What a Crazy Weekend

Phew. Glad it's Monday so I can relax and do something simple like work on the 5 000 items on my to do list here at the church :-)

We had a fun and crazy weekend at our house. We had most of my family visiting us for Cameron's birthday party. With 9 kids in the house and no basement to throw them down into it was quite the whirlwind!

Sunday's service was a lot of fun. With both our senior pastor and worship pastor away on vacation I had to step up and call the shots. That was quite exciting. Hopefully I didn't freak out our worship leader too bad by getting him to do the announcements, introduce the guest speaker and then do the closing remarks. He always does such a FANTASTIC job so I had no doubt of him doing these... even though, after the fact, he told me he's never done those before. Glad I could help him put something new on his resume!

Our Vacation Bible School kicked off this morning. Danielle and I had a bunch of stuff to prepare for that this weeken…

Not Called to be Prosecutors

I've just submitted my next article for the local paper. Since I just did a sermon this past Sunday I just did a shorter version for the article.
Not Called To Be Prosecutors
By Pastor Kevin Presseault, Woodside Bible FellowshipEvery once and a while I like to sit back and ask myself the question “How are you doing spiritually?” Why ask the question? Because God wants us to. In 2 Corinthians 13:5 we read: “Test yourself to make sure you are solid in the faith. Don’t drift along taking everything for granted. Give yourself regular checkups… Test it out. If you fail the test, do something about it”. So I like to test myself… and if something isn’t right then I should do something about it.I believe God created us, and the church, to fulfill five purposes. These are Fellowship, Worship, Ministry, Discipleship and Evangelism. For a healthy spiritual life I believe that we need an equal balance of these purposes. For example, you can do all the Bible studies in the world and f…

This Should be Interesting...

Tonight I'll be going to a local Christian camp and giving a mini-message by the campfire.

When I was first asked about doing it, my gut response was to say "No thanks!" I really don't have any experience with teens. In fact, I would rather deal with a room full of porn-addicted 40 year old men then a room full of pre-puberty, hyper active 12 year old boys :-)

But, instead of just giving a NO, I figured the least I should do is pray about it... and I felt God's prompting to go...

So... without exactly a clear idea of what I'm going to talk about I'll go and see what God wants to do there tonight. This definitely should be interesting...

Happy Birthday Cameron!

I can't believe that I have a six year old son today! My little guy is growing up so fast.

Today I'll be taking the day off so we can all hang out as a family and just celebrate Cameron's birthday. We're going to have a BBQ lunch, then hit the mini-golf course, then go to the pet store so he can pick out some fish for his new Pirates of the Caribbean fish tank.

Happy Birthday Buddy! Daddy loves you SOOOO much!

June Referers

WOW! I'm suddenly getting a lot more traffic on my blog. Maybe it's because I'm finally keeping it more up to date. Or maybe it's because I actually have something interesting to say... NAW! Couldn't be that! :-)

Here's how people stumbled onto the site this past month.
presseault: yup that's me. Or my dad."singles" "Woodside Bible": That's one of the areas I want to work on this fall. I would love to see a more purpose driven singles ministry here. Whoever Googled this CALL ME! You're going to lead it :-)"Becket Players": The greatest show on earth! So sad that we missed it this year. Check them out here."free hugs" sermon: I haven't done that... but I would love to. Maybe my next one...crazy passport application: Yup. It can be. Make sure you apply EARLY!willow creek community church randy frazee neighbourhood: Gee... you think a search like that would bring you directly to Willow Creek&…

What A Great Weekend!

This weekend was just fantastic! Yesterday was a holiday for us up here in Canada so it was great to have the day off after Sunday.

Here are just some of the highlights of this past weekend:
The worship team did a wonderful job of tying in the theme of freedom from our spiritual prisons. The communion focus was bang on and a perfect fit. He ended up going over the scripture that I didn't use.The work in my basement is going great! All the drywall is in place and the joints are starting to get done. I may be painting in a couple of weeks!I had a fantastic time playing with the kids this weekend.My wife and I went over to a friend's place and roasted sausages on a fire pit last night and didn't get home till midnight. It was great to chill out and talk and laugh!My sermon went very well - at least I think so :) I skipped a half page in my notes by accident. Probably a good thing since it may have been a tad longer then I thought.The theme of evangelism was really well …

Preaching This Morning

Today we start our summer service schedule at the church. So there will only be one service at 10 am instead of two.

I'm preaching today. My title is Prison Break. I'm looking at the book of Acts and how God's power throughout that book sets people free from prison. And how that power still sets people free from their spiritual prisons today!

If you think of it, shoot off a prayer or two for me :-) Since I only preached a couple of times a year I can always use all the prayer I can get!