Up Too Late

This past month has been nuts! Every week in January I've been putting in around 55-58 hours a week for work. Boy, I really need to be on my knees more praying for those workers since the harvest is so great :-)

From a workload point of view, volunteering at the local theater company probably wasn't the best idea... but from a keeping-my-sanity point of view I'm SOOOOO glad I did! The show is awesome! The cast is only 3 and they are FANTASTIC! Very talented and really putting on a great show! And everyone else there that I've been meeting are great too. It feels so great to get back into it, even with just a small job of being the lighting operator. It's great just to get out of the church building and into the community! With all the work and responsibilities that seem to keep growing at the church it so great to get out and serve in a completely different area. The show opens this Thursday. You can check out their site HERE.

Now I wish I could just be getting a little more sleep so I don't black out when I do the first black out for the play :-) I've been having a hard time relaxing and sleeping these past few weeks. I go through waves of this during the year. Doesn't always relate to a lot of work going on... sometimes the brain just doesn't want to back down and go to sleep, so it keeps me awake just thinking and thinking about things that are absolutely not important...


Dave said…
Hey Bro!

Before going to bed, make a list of things on your brain (important and trivial). It's remarkable how much downloading the thoughts onto paper relieve the mind.

Read the David Allen book :)


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