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New Iron Man Trailer ROCKS!!!!

Oh my goodness!!!!! The new Iron Man trailer is online and it is AWESOME!!!!

You'll definitely want to head over to this site and check it out!
Things I love about it. Love all the heavy metal music. Seems appropriate with all the metal flying around in the movie :) I wasn't sold on the idea of Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark... but that has completely faded. He is awesome in the role from what I've seen so far! The Iron Man suit is AWESOME! Love it! Iron Man is fast becoming one of my favorite comic characters. The comic is great. And now this movie looks great. I'm certainly hopping Marvel doesn't mess this guy up like they just did with Spider-Man's A New Day comic changes and the really bad Spider-Man 3.

Preacher Idol

I thought this was awesome!For anyone reading this on Facebook, follow this link for the video.

New Small Group Leader Podcast

The newest episode of the Small Group Leader Lifter is now online. I'm a week late getting it finished due to the poor wealth over the last few days... but, because of that quiet time lying in bed, I completely changed what I was going to talk about anyways :-)

You can download it HERE.

Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?

I gotta admit... I've never heard of Larry Norman before this morning when Andrew, our resident genius Worship Pastor, told me that he passed away a few days ago. He then played a few of his songs to me. Love this one!

(If you're reading this on Facebook, the video can be found at this link.)

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our nine year wedding anniversary! Hard to believe it's been nine years already. I actually remember nearly all the details of that day like it was just a few months ago... if it wasn't for this HUGE six year old kid running around our house I would never believe it's been that long that we've been married :-) Our wedding day was fantastic. We had a great celebration and the party was awesome. It was a wonderful day being with family and friends. One my my highlights when was Father Fred (we were still attending a Catholic church when we were married) had Danielle repeat her vows after him. He started with "I, Danielle". And she looked at him, smiled, and say "Hi!". Everyone got a real chuckle out of that :-) And that was pretty much the mood of our marriage ever since. A ton of great laughs and a ton of love! In November 2008 we'll be celebrating our ten years of marriage a little early... we've already booked a Mediterran…

Why Do I Love Small Groups?

I couldn't have said this better myself!

"So what??!?!!" Studying scripture is a great thing... but if you don't get to wrestle through what it means to today and to us on a personal level then it really can't accomplish anything more then just some more head knowledge...

I want to learn to play the drums!

On Monday we had a great Family Day (a new holiday introduced by the Ontario government) hanging out with our neighbors.

I got to play a little Rock Band with my buddy Pat on his PS3 and large screen TV! AWESOME!! I'm totally hooked and BUMMED that that game isn't available on the Wii... but I had such a blast playing the drums on that thing!

All week I've just wanted to rock out and band on the drums some more. I've been doing air drum solos in my car. I'm annoying the rest of the staff here at church with my load drum kicking music (how's that different from the rest of the ways I annoy them I haven't quite figured out yet). I'm even thinking of trying out a lesson or two to see if that would be any fun. Everyone's got to have a hobby, right? :-)

Going to Geek Out

Seems like it's been weeks since I've hit the comic book store... oh wait! It has been! With the Elmira Theater show running for the past 3 weekends (which by the way was selected to be part of the 2008 Western Ontario Drama League Festival!!!) it feels like the month just flew by without my weekly dose of comic geeky goodness.

So, after a lunch meeting today, I'll be swinging by to pick up my stash of comics... and tomorrow morning while the kids are at school and my wife is out with some friends I'll curl up by the fake fire place with a coffee and enjoy getting caught up in my favorite issues.

As a BIG Dr. Doom fan. He's definitely one of my favorite baddies! I'm glad he's turned up in recent issues of Fantastic Four and now again in The Mighty Avengers. Don't know what it is... but there's something about this guy's ego that I just love :-)

Wednesday Morning Coffee Intake

Today I need coffee... LOTS of it! I'm tired. I've been up WAAAYYYY too late nearly every night for over a week. Two main reasons... I'm geeking out playing LEGO Star Wars on the Wii, and, well, since I just lay in bed and don't sleep anyways I might as well be doing something :-)

This morning I was chatting with our Worship Pastor (who by the way is a TOTAL genius!) about frustrations... and the key thing that hit me is being frustrated here as a pastor is in some ways similar to the frustration I had working for a big information technology company... but in other ways it's very different. In the computer biz I was just annoyed with the red tape of trying to get anything done. It seemed like for every single thing that needed to get done I always had to go over people's heads and get their boss' boss' boss to intervene to get people to do anything. That drove me batty. At church, well, the red tape is different... it's more of a comfort zone…

Goodbye Fishy

Last night was the cutest and saddest thing I've seen my daughter Sam do.

While cleaning out her fish tank together we found that her beta fish "Fishy" had died. Looks like she got caught under one of the decorations...

Sam was very brave and wanted to help pray for Fishy. We gently scooped her out of the tank and laid her in the porcelain bowl which would carry her away. Sam watched on and we prayed together... then that's when her little heart broke and she started to cry. She had wanted to be the one to flush Fishy away but she was crying too much and was much to sad to do it... so she held my hand, we prayed together with her mom and me, then we said goodbye to Fishy.

Looking at Sam I nearly started sobbing myself! My dad alarm went off like crazy... "Your little princess is hurting, DO SOMETHING!" We finished cleaning the tank together... then I did what I guess every dad of a crying four year old girl would do... We jumped in the car and ran out t…


The new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is now online! AND IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!

You can check it out at

As a side note, for Valentines, I bought my son 2 LEGO Indiana Jones sets. They're pretty cool too!

Small Group Dreaming

I'm in the process of putting together a plan which I will be presenting to our church elders next week. This plan is focusing on our current Small Group Ministry and my vision for its future.

I'm so grateful for the relationships I've been developing with other Small Group Pastors in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and with the other pastors who I've had the opportunity to learn from by reading their blogs. It is such a great time we live in where we can network with such a wide variety of people and opinions!

I'm writing about our current reality of the Small Group ministry... and showing where the holes lie that really need to be plugged up. I then will be looking at our future. As the church continues to grow... how are we ensuring that people really are "growing in a meaningful relationship with God and each other"? How are we ensuring that people are not just simply attending church programs but are in fact growing spiritually and making a difference…

Guys! Here's an Urgent Reminder!

I received this email from Promise Keepers Canada... and since one of my deepest desires is to see strong, healthy families, I figured I should pass out this reminder to all the guys I know :-)

This is what happens when you let the kids play with your digital camera...

I've said it before and I'll say it forever... My kids rock!!

Monday Mind Dump

Haven't done a mind dump in a while... maybe this will help get everything out so I can have a good night sleep tonight :-)
On Sunday afternoon's show of Ten Times Two I screwed up the last lighting cue! ARRGGH!!! Instead of going black the entire stage lit up! I felt like an idiot. Just one weekend left.Monday night Man in the Mirror study is a lot of fun for me... also a lot of work but I really enjoy that. I really love getting together with the guys and figurering out together how does God want us to live out our lives as husbands, fathers and men in our culture today.I'm behind on my reading for school this week... considering I got a big ZERO on last week's reading quiz even with doing the reading I better get at it!Last Sunday's worship service really hit the spot! Andrew and the team did a fantastic song set and the guest speaker really gave a message that I needed to hear.I want to start painting Warhammer figs soon. I haven't painted in over a y…

My Kids The Artists!

Here are some pictures that my kids have been drawing today. They're turning into comic and Star Wars geeks like thier daddy (poor them!).

My First Hockey Stick

Today I bought hockey sticks for the entire family. This town is definitely trying to convert me into a hockey guy... I guess, like the Bord say, resistance is futile! :-)

I picked up four sticks so we can run around the street here and start playing. Hopefully the rain is done for the rest of the winter so we can get out there more and play.

On a related note, I haven't been skating in weeks so we're going to be going to the family skate this afternoon at the arena. Gotta keep up practicing that :-)

Episode 3 of the Small Group Leader Lifter

The latest episode of the Small Group Leader Lifter is now online. You can download it at my Small Group Leader Lifter Blog at this link HERE.

I'd love to get some feedback on this... so all of you who are downloading it let me know what you like... or what you absolute hate about it.

Ten Times Two Review

In case you were curious, here's a review and here is another one for the show that I'm doing the lighting on. Two more weekends for this run. Looking forward to getting back there tomorrow night.

Great Rant!

I get a lot of inspiration from reading the blogs of other pastors and people out in the world making a difference. This morning I just read a post from Gary Lamb, pastor of Revolution Church from Canton, GA. I read his blog on a regular basis. I love his passion and his honesty.

Anyways, he has a great rant about church planters that I think is definitely worth the read. You can find it HERE. I think he totally hits the nail on the head with this one! And I think this doesn't just refer to new church plants, but ANY church that wants to be more effective at reaching hurting people in their community. It's a VERY easy thing to say and looks great on paper or in a presentation to the elders... but when the rubber hits the road, how many of us REALLY want the broken and the hurting to be sitting in the pew beside us? And how many of us are REALLY interested in going into those place, which are right in our communities, where life is very different from our clean, crisp, p…

Got My Cake and I'm Eating it too.

Just finished the PC game Portal. Man of man was that ever fun! I haven't enjoyed a PC game that much in YEARS! Mind you... that may be because I finally have a decently powerful computer that can actually play these newer games.

This past weekend was the opening for the show Ten Times Two being put on by the Elmira Theatre Company. I thought the show was fantastic! We had our Gala on Thursday, judication on Friday (which is a judging to see if the show goes on in a festival in March), a show Saturday night, then again Sunday afternoon. The show runs for the next two weekends as well. It sure is a blast being back involved with some theatre.

Still not sleeping as much as I'd like... but it's getting better. I'm hoping that once I get my homework finished this week that I'll be able to get a tad more sleep :-)

All in all, life is grand! Busy, sure. Tired, you bet! But loving God, my family, my friends and my life... not letting the lows make me low and looking forw…