Monday Mind Dump

Haven't done a mind dump in a while... maybe this will help get everything out so I can have a good night sleep tonight :-)
  • On Sunday afternoon's show of Ten Times Two I screwed up the last lighting cue! ARRGGH!!! Instead of going black the entire stage lit up! I felt like an idiot. Just one weekend left.
  • Monday night Man in the Mirror study is a lot of fun for me... also a lot of work but I really enjoy that. I really love getting together with the guys and figurering out together how does God want us to live out our lives as husbands, fathers and men in our culture today.
  • I'm behind on my reading for school this week... considering I got a big ZERO on last week's reading quiz even with doing the reading I better get at it!
  • Last Sunday's worship service really hit the spot! Andrew and the team did a fantastic song set and the guest speaker really gave a message that I needed to hear.
  • I want to start painting Warhammer figs soon. I haven't painted in over a year. I want to get back into making my Lord of the Rings armies... Isengard and Rohan. I also want to get back at my goblin army I started last year. I'd love to find some time to play... would be great if I could find some guys in Elmira that play... would save a 40 minute trip into Kitchener...
  • My kids crack me up! Every night at the dinner table the entertainment is non-stop :-) I have no clue where they get that from...
  • This Sunday I'm speaking in one of the Adult Bible Fellowship classes... Now that my Monday message is finished I can start working on that one... oh... after I finish my homework I mean...
  • We played some street hockey with the neighbours on the weekend. That was a lot of fun. I think the adults enjoyed it more then the kids.
  • I would really like to get my hands on Guitar Hero for the Wii. I feel the need to rock and roll all night long! :-)
  • Starting playing Half-Life 2. I enjoyed the first one... wasn't a major fan... so far seems pretty similar to the original (better graphics of course) but not all that much different...


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