The Armor of Religion - Part 4

Continuing to look at the Armor of Religion...

Piece #4: The Shield of Doubt

I love this one. For some odd reason, religion creates an INCREDIBLE amount of doubt. I've talked to way too many people who doubt that God loves them, doubt that God wants to do something through them, doubt that God would accept them... and it goes on and on. Why do we carry around a shield of doubt in religion?

Because we listen too much to religious rules and regulations instead of listening to the words of Jesus. "Why are you frightened? he asked. Why are your hearts filled with doubt?" (Luke 24:38).

We allow our hearts to be filled with doubt because the reality is NO ONE can live up to the expectations of religion! Religion sets up too many dos and don'ts... Do read your Bible ever day. Do pray for 20 minutes a day. Don't dress that way. Don't listen to this. Don't watch that. Do your ceremony this way. Don't do your ceremony that way. You can drive yourself completely nuts trying to keep up with the rules of religion... and so are hearts get full of doubt that we're not good enough or spiritual enough or that there is something wrong with us...

Doubt will never protect our hearts. Only the shield of faith can do that!


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