Next Week Should be Interesting...

I'm in the process of working on two different services... a memorial service for Thursday, and a wedding ceremony for Saturday.

I definitely gotta make sure I don't get these to messages mixed up :-)


Chad Payne said…
For a long time I actually preferred doing funerals. The people aren't really paying close attention to what you are saying, and if you mess up, you can make it look like you are just sad. They aren't going to remember what you said, only that you were there.

Weddings, however, if you mess them up, they'll never forget it!

Uh, so is this your first wedding? Sorry, no pressure. Have fun!! :-)
Kevin said…
Gee... thanks. Not that I wasn't nervous enough already :-)

Personally, I think I'd prefer the wedding... I cry like a 3 year old girl at funerals.

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