The Sticks Conference

I'm definitely considering attending this conference! This would be fantastic to network and meet with other pastors who are living the same context that we're in here in Elmira. Too many times I find myself reading stuff from the "Big City" churches... and wondering how does that translate to the small town that I live in??

the Sticks conference from newhopewired on Vimeo.

(If you're reading this on Facebook, click this link to see the video).


Chad Payne said…
I'm looking at this one, too, Kevin. Sounds very interesting. I hope we can both go. I'd love to meet you!
Kevin said…
I just registered... Should be very interesting by the looks of it.
chazzdaddy said…
And I look forward to meeting you both. Thanks Kevin for propping it!

Let's all learn together!

Chad Payne said…
I just registered for the conference this evening. I think this will be a great two days! I've met Mark Batterson before, at the Outreach Convention last year, and he was incredible.

I'm looking forward to meeting you guys!
chazzdaddy said…
Thanks Chad! Who ya bringing with you?

Looking forward to networking with everyone!

Chad Payne said…
It depends on whether I drive or fly. If I drive, my family may come and hang out. If I fly, so far I'll be alone.

I wonder what airport is closest?
chazzdaddy said…
Akron-Canton is closest, but small.

Cleveland is 10 min further.

Columbus 20 more.

Either of these are easy and fast options.


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