Late Night Mind Dump

Can't sleep. Haven't had a good night sleep in almost a week. I hate when I get into this pattern... makes the days a little extra long when my head is hitting my desk by 3pm! I guess I have a lot on the brain these days...

Here's the short list of what is floating around my brain instead of enjoying sleep...

  • It looks like there are kittens living under our shed. One of them peeked out this evening during our BBQ supper. I wonder how many other could be under there... This little one was SOOOO cute. Very fluffy, grey and white kitten. I wish I could have caught her... it appears she lost her tail and it looks like it may have been infected or something. I would really like to get out there now and try to catch her and bring her to a vet in the morning... but it's pitch black in my yard so it will have to wait till morning.

  • Why is it that people around me keep telling me I'm doing a great job in my role in my church yet at the same time I feel like a complete failure and that nothing I do is good enough??? I must really be over tired or something lately... I find I'm a easily cranky and that's not good...

  • Ministry kick-off for the fall is next week. Nearly ready... I think :-) Lots of stuff to finalize... reorganizing the ushers and greeters, introducing GroupLink to get better at getting people into Small Groups, fall men's retreat, Crown Ministries, Adult Sunday School, men's Monday study... No wonder I'm not sleeping :-)

  • I packed back up all my Warhammer miniatures :-( I had really hoped to start painting and playing again... but I'm just not able to work out the time to do it... The few evenings I have to do some painting it's usually too late to get started so I just play a quick 30 minutes of the Wii. Which is fun... but just not the same level of fun as getting together with a group of guys and completely destroying their army of miniature soldiers :-)

  • Got my office organized today! YAY! I brought m office furniture from home to the church to use it there. That should make my stack of papers seem less daunting :-)

  • Kids are back to school next week. So hard to believe that Cameron is going in grade 2! I'm back in school as well next week. My next course is on Pastoral Leadership. Looking forward to it.


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