The Plan Begins!

Yesterday I preached that in order to keep our resolutions to grow spiritually we not only need our convictions and our beliefs but we also require a plan and a partner.  During the sermon I gave the example that one of my resolutions was to drop 20 pounds this year and get back into better shape (yes, I know ROUND is a shape... but that's not the one I want!).

So, seeing as how I don't want to be the pastor that doesn't practice what he preaches I just signed up at Pinacle Health & Fitness to be my plan and my partner in this resolution.  I'll be meeting with a personal exercise coach in the next couple of days to get this program under way.

I'm quite excited about this... and really look forward to a year of much better health.  I should probably take a "Before" picture of me... but there's no way I'm posting that here.  NO ONE wants to see that!!!  :-)


Yesterday's message was great, how many times did you get slammed? It happens when we speak the truth, I pray that you will continue to speak the truth and that we all follow your example as you follow His example.
Kevin said…
Didn't get slammed :) Received a lot of very nice feedback.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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