Brain Dump

Definitely have a LOT on my mind lately... so here is today's brain dump.

  • Working on documentation is exhausting! When I started here at Woodside I didn't have any real guideline or resources to draw on in supporting most of the ministries here. I pretty much had to go those thousands of pages of paper and old computer files to figure things out... and even then I pretty much had to guess at most things. So in order to facilate the transition here I'm trying to document EVERYTHING that I've learned and did here. And boy is that a lot! This way, for each key area of ministry, I can put a folder together with all the past history and current status of the ministry. I'm hoping this will be a good place to start for whoever replaces me.

  • With my new position I'm going to have to work at home a lot. Since it's a fairly new church plant they don't have a church building or office space. I'm going to have to find some comfortable chairs at Starbucks to work there a few days a week to get out of the house to ensure I don't go loopy :-)

  • The drag of working from home is where oh where am I ever going to put all of my books?!?!?!

  • Speaking of books, I'm reading Axiom by Bill Hybels. Loving it!

  • I SOOOO can't wait for spring! Looking forward to getting a few projects done around the house that require some warmer weather before I get started... like completely cleaning out my garage!

  • Order a new TV last night! Just in time for baseball season! Hope it gets delivered this week!

  • Been LOVING my One Year Bible reading this week! Love Mark's gospel! Jesus just rocks!


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