Tuesday Brain Dump

So very weird to think that I only have 12 days left here at Woodside! Boy oh boy does that ever get me all excited/sad/freaked-out all at the same time :-)

So here's a bit of a brain dump...
  • Just had my last staff meeting here today. Since next week is Spring Break a lot of the staff won't be here so we cancelled next week's meeting... and next Sunday is my last day... so no more meetings.
  • Didn't even get into either of our services this past Sunday... spent the entire time talking with people who wanted to know what I was going to do. Everyone was incredibly supportive... but I was quite looking forward to Dan's message on Ephesians 2! I guess I'll have to listen to it online :-)
  • My office is in the biggest disaster ever! I'm going through all my old notes and throwing out everything that really is just clutter. Also starting to pack up all my books.
  • Packing all these books is making me want to reread a WHOLE bunch of them! Man, I've read some really great stuff over the years!
  • So looking forward to 2 weeks of unemployment :-) I'm taking a 2 week break in between the two ministries just to chill out, play with the kids, hang out with my wife, read comic books, watch movies and play video games. Life is good!
  • A good friend of mine contacted me and told me I need to reread Revolution by George Barna. This gal is probably the more in tune with the Holy Spirit then ANYONE I've ever met... so if she's telling me to look at then I REALLY BETTER DO IT :-)
  • Getting VERY hungry. Time for lunch. Going to kidnap the youth pastor and take him to lunch with me.


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