10 Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing

I'm currently reading the book "Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing" by Geoff Surratt. I'm just loving it so far. His writing style and personal examples are incredibly easy to relate it.

His chapter on the Sunday morning worship service is especially interesting. There he presents a top 10 list to improve your weekend experience. This is great stuff and worth the price of the book alone! Sure, a bunch of them I could have guessed and probably knew already... but having them all in one place definitely makes it a lot easier for pastors to evaluate and improve on their services.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be rereading each of those top 10 items and will probably blog about what God is showing me in this.

His number 1 is "Ask the Hard Questions". I LOVE hard questions! I love when I'm asked the hard questions and I love trying to find the answers to hard questions.

I think the role of the pastor and the leadership of the church is to not allow ourselves to just fall into routine and ruts, but to step back and ask hard questions on how is the ministry doing... is it accomplish what we started it for in the first place? Does what we do bring glory to God or do we simply enjoy it? Why do we do what we do? Who are we trying to reach? Do we reach them? Are people growing in their faith? Is our ministry transforming lives and bringing more and more people to Jesus?

Without real answers to hard questions we have no clue on the effectiveness of our ministry. Just because the people in our churches love what we're doing... well... that doesn't necessarily mean that we're accomplishing anything to expand the kingdom of God.


Geoff Surratt said…
Hey Kevin,

Glad the book helpful, thanks for the post!

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