Ministry Focus

On Sunday, I gave an update on some of the stuff that we've been working on as the leadership team at LifeSpring. If you missed out on this message, I would encourage you to check it out on our site. You can access it here.

We want to ensure that we as a church are helping everyone become all that God created them to be. We want to ensure that our areas of ministry are laser focused on the vision that God has put before us. If we are to be "Bringing Jesus to People", then we don't want anything to get in the way of this... even if it's a good idea. We want to be sure that we're doing GOD's idea!

I presented how we believe that God has us in a season of focus. We need to make some slight changes to our leadership structure in order to ensure that the church is not so dependant on the involvement of just a few people. We want a structure that will be able to sustain the ministry for years to come.

(The image above shows how the ministries and our leadership team all fit together).

I'm pretty excited about the work that God is going to continue to do at LifeSpring! I'm also looking forward to be chatting about this with the people of LifeSpring more and more as we prepare to get these changes into place. If you had any questions about what was presented on Sunday feel free to come to our place this Thursday for our open house coffee time and we can chat more about it!


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