Let the Chase Begin!

I'm really pumped for the next six weeks at LifeSpring. Starting this Sunday we'll be studying the book Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson. This book was HUGE in my personal walk with Christ when I read it last November. I had the opportunity to meet Mark at The Sticks conference last year. His talk and this book really put a passion in me to see the Spirit of God really work in my life. I'm excited to preach for the next six weeks on this topic and to have each of our LifeGroups get deeper into the topics in their home meetings. We'll also be providing new Bible study resources in order to help people get into God's Word more in their own private time. It's going to be great!!

For me personally, following the Wild Goose hasn't always been easy. In fact, sometimes it's just flat out hard! As a pastor, sometimes hard decisions have to be made. Sometimes people are not going to like you or agree with you. Sometimes you have to have difficult conversations with people who you really love. Sometimes what you say gets misinterpreted. Sometimes all the details of the church just seems so overwhelming. But, what I've learned the most this past year comes right out of Mark's books. And it's this, "since when did it become safe to follow Christ? Maybe it's time to come out of the cage and live dangerously for the cause of Christ".

Being on this Wild Goose has been the most exciting journey of my ENTIRE life. Leaving a successful career was crazy. Moving to Elmira to be an associate pastor was crazy. Resigning from such a wonderful church like Woodside was crazy. Becoming a lead pastor in a small church plant was crazy. And yes, some of the stuff we as a leadership team want to do going forward is going to be crazy :)

BUT THIS IS THE PATH OF THE WILD GOOSE!! So that's the path that I'm going to stick with! God has never left me! He doesn't abandon us half way down the trail. He has been right there with me through this entire adventure! It is HIS Spirit that is able to accomplish all this stuff. I've never felt so blessed. I've never felt so excited. I've never felt so terrified!

I'm praying like crazy that all of us at LifeSpring will chase the goose this year. Let the chase begin!


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