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Promise Keepers Weekend Thoughts

This past Friday/Saturday I was in Mississauga for the annual Promise Keepers Canada National Conference. I love going to this! It's always a highlight of my year. There is nothing in the world like gathering with 4000+ men to worship God and grow as men.

This year was great. Two men who I greatly admire were part of the speaker line up: Pat Morley and Craig Gross. Both of their ministries have been a real blessing to me over the years.

There was just one thing that I wish I could see at a Canadian National conference.... and that would be Canadian speakers! I love hearing what God is doing around the world... but I'm really pumped about what God is doing in my backyard even more! When US speakers keep saying "I don't know what it's like here in Canada, but back home..." I find it a tad disappointing. I want to know how men are doing here. There has got to be some gifted speakers in Canada that PK can get up there on the stage. I think getting a…


I'm currently reading the book Ignite by Nelson Searcy.
Nelson is the Lead Pastor of The Journey Church in New York City. He also heads up the Senior Pastor Tele-Coaching Network that I'm a part of this year (by the way, if you're a Senior Pastor you REALLY need to sign up for this Network! I've been learning SO much over the past few months. You can do that here.)
I'm really loving this book on the importance of evangelism and how to be more effective at equipping and preparing our churches to reach more and more people. Nelson really hits the nail on the head when he reminds us that, as senior pastors, the temperature of our church's evangelism falls on us. If we are not evangelistic and reaching out to people in our communities, then neither will our church. I love this quote:
Make sure you haven't become so consumed with doing church that you have left the work of bringing in the unsaved to the people in your congregation.
Love this! Isn't that…

Remembrance Day

I may not agree with the wars (or the reason for them) going on in our world right now... but I certainly have a HUGE respect for the men and women who give up their own lives and sacrifice so much in their own lives so that I have the rights and freedoms that I have in this part of the world.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada. I'm remembering my grandfather who passed away when I was in college.... and honoring those who serve my country. Last Sunday we played this song by Shawn Hlookoff during our Celebration service. Very powerful and beautiful song!

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Running After God

This morning I spent half an hour on the elliptical machine at the gym. I was listening to a GREAT message from Andy Stanley on my iPod. The message was incredibly uplifting, powerful and got me all pumped up. It got the heart rate up faster then I normally do on that crazy machine.
But something hit me as my heart rate was approaching 160.... no... it wasn't a heart attack.
I began asking myself is this what ministry feels like sometimes? Are we as leaders running this fast pace, getting our heart up to the collapsing point... but in reality we aren't even going anywhere? Are we running so much after the work of God that we forget to slow down and remember that God is running after us and wants to do a work in us?
That was a great reminder to me this morning... I can't run after the work of God. I'll never be good enough, strong enough or talented enough. I can't do everything no matter how hard I try. But if I remember to slow down, God catches me! I can re…

Too Many Books... So Little Time

I love reading. I read a lot. But lately I've been feeling a tad disappointed that I'm not reading all that I would like to be reading.
I read a lot for different areas of ministry. I have five books that I'm going through right now in that category. But... I have 13 others that I would love to get through before Christmas...
I have 2 books in fiction/fantasy that I would love to read... they were Christmas gifts from last year! That's pretty sad! I gotta free up more time to read novels for fun!
I have a bunch of reading for my seminary class as well. Love that! I'm a few chapters behind though...
At least I'm up to date on my comic book reading :)
I'm a big believer that one of the best ways to grow as a person is to always be learning. The trick for me has been to keep a balance on the type of stuff that I'm reading. I'm thinking of working on a reading plan as part of my New Year's resolution this coming January... we'll see how th…