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It's that time of year!

WOW!!! 2010! Can't believe it's actually 2010 and I STILL don't have rocket boots or a flying car! What's the deal with that! :)
For the past number of years I've challenged myself (and everyone else who reads this blog) to really get into reading your Bible regularly! I just don't know how Christians in our North American culture can walk closely with God without spending regular time in his Word...
This will be my sixth year doing The One Year Bible. Some years are better than others for getting the entire Bible read... I usually end up around 85-95% of the Bible read each year doing this method. This year I'm going for %110!
Also, I like to start each of my reading times with a short prayer. I pray the same thing each and every day for the entire year. It's been pretty amazing to see God work through those simple prayers. Here's the list from the past few years: 2005: Give a passion for God's Word, his people, his world and his service.…