Silent Day of Prayer

Been a busy and crazy week... I'll get back to my look at the 7 things God hates next week...

But first, I'm REALLY reminded of the importance of being still before a Holy God and just listening quietly for his direction and will for my life.

One day a month, my wife and I go to Loyola House in Guelph, Ontario for a full day of silent prayer and contemplation. I'm just amazed at how refreshed and pumped up for ministry I am after these quiet days. My creativity and energy are HUGELY increased just by spending one day a month in total silence!

This new discipline has been great and I strongly recommend it to every one, especially church leaders! In fact, I'd love to incorporate this even more into my regular weekly routine. Maybe a day a week just quiet and still with God! How much more would God accomplish in me and through me if I did that??? I'll have to give that a shot to find out :)

So today I'll be praying about a number of things:
  • I've been presented the possibility of visiting an orphanage in Thailand in May. Praying about that BIG TIME!
  • Praying for LifeSpring and what God wants us to be focusing on as a church this year.
  • Praying for my family and friends who I would just LOVE to see turn their struggles over to God!
  • Praying for my kids! They're just awesome and I know God is going to do big stuff through them one day.
  • Praying for my marriage. My wife is the best and I pray for our marriage all the time to keep us close and protected from what the world would throw our way!
Looking forward to being still today!

How about you? How do you find time to just be still and hear from God?


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