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Spiritual Momentum in My Life

One of my big take aways at last week's Catalyst ONE DAY conference was how am I ensuring spiritual health in my life. As a pastor, it's so easy to run myself ragged and crazy trying to meet all the needs that I see around me. Ever since I've gone into ministry I've let my calendar control me... I've been at the mercy of not enough time to complete the big tasks because of the distracting tasks.
I was really inspired when Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley shared what their weekly schedule looks like. I was inspired that I really need to put a schedule together so I can really ensure my spiritual momentum and physical health. The guideline is just a guideline... not written in stone... obviously life happens and I'm very flexible with that... but I'm praying this will help manage expectations at the church and create margin in my life for God to do great things in my heart!
So here is the work in progress of my schedule. I'm no expert in doing this so …

A Year Already

Hard to believe, but this week marks ONE YEAR since I've been the Lead Pastor at LifeSpring Christian Fellowship. Where does the time go???
I am incredibly humbled and blessed to have the privilege of pastoring this church. God has really been stretching me, challenging me and growing me as I serve here. Hopefully he's been doing that to the people who attend LifeSpring as well :)
Here's a couple of things that I've learned over the course of the year that have really grown me spiritually: I care less what people think about me. Now, this may sound harsh... but it's SO true. My role is not to get people to like me... my role is to help people grow spiritually. The spiritual gift of shepherd is to love people so much as to not leave them as they are. If I was just concerned with having people like me then I would be too scared and nervous to speak God's truth. It is impossible to pastor a church while concerned that every body likes me. Truth is... I can&#…

Back from Catalyst!

WOW!!!! That's all can say right now! Yesterday experience at Catalyst was just incredible! And I gotta admit... God really wrecked me! I've never felt closer to God than I did on my knees yesterday, crying in his presence!
I'm still processing all that God had to say to me through this event. I'll be blogging about it next week as it all becomes clearer.
I'm so grateful to everyone involved in putting on Catalyst One Day! Thanks to Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel for just bringing it!! I was so encouraged and minister to.
Picked up Craig's new book, The Christian Atheist. Started reading it this afternoon! Was awesome to meet him and others from the team. Their ministry has been such a wonderful blessing to me in my personal walk with God. When people ask who pastors me, Craig Groeschel is on the top of that list.
Praising God today for all that he has in store for me and my journey with Him!
(Picture of Danielle and I with Craig Gr…

The Christian Atheist

I'm so looking forward to reading Craig Groeschel's latest book! I'm hoping that I can pick up a copy of it next week at the Catalyst One Day event.
Check out this video promo of the book!

March Book Suggestions

Here are a couple of books I'm recommending this month! Check out the video below (if you're on Facebook you can see the video HERE).

You can order the books here:
The Prodigal God