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Why I Participate in One Prayer!

This morning I was challenged with the thought of why does my church participate in One Prayer? Not only that, I pushed even further as to why should we record my preaching message and submit it to be potentially used by other churches participating in One Prayer?
I have wonderful people in my life who stretch me and challenge me. I'm so appreciative of their love and support as I seek God in all areas of my life and ministry... and this challenge this morning really pumped me and and encouraged me.
Are my reasons for participating in One Prayer to build me up? Or my reputation? Is it so I can play with the "big boys pastors" as well? Or so I can be cool? Is it because I have big church ministry envy? Or because I have secret pastor-crush on Craig Groeschel? Great... I'm guessing now my reputation is completely shot and that's the only statement everyone will remember LOL! :)
I participate in One Prayer because it gives me a much BIGGER picture of God! Let …


No surprised to anyone that I'm a big tech and computer nut. I love playing around with new technology and learning on how it can be leveraged to make the church more effective in reaching more and more people.
On the blog is a FANTASTIC article on their plans for creating campus pages on Facebook! You can read it by clicking here. I love this! I think their points are bang on.
I've played around with a basic Facebook page and would love to get ours to a higher level of functionality and use. So... any Facebook experts out there wanna help get our page done? :)

PUMPED for Easter!

Easter is the BIG DAY for me! Not Christmas! Why?
Because Christianity isn't worth the price of the paper my Bible is written on if the Resurrection didn't happen! It's ALL about the truth that Jesus is ALIVE!
If it was just about a good, moral teacher being born in a manger it would all mean nothing.
It's about an empty tomb! It's about a Saviour paying for my sin! It's about his ascension to heaven to advocate to the Father on my behalf.
It's all about Easter! AND I'M PUMPED!
I've been praying for BIG things to happen this weekend. I'm trusting James 1:6 when it says "But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind."
I've been asking and believing God is going to work in the hearts of people BIG TIME this weekend!
Hope you believe that too!