Back to Summit

This past year I used a Life/Ministry Coach to work with our leadership team to take the teachings from Willow Creek's Leadership Summit and make them applicable to our team and ministry.

Here's why.

As a pastor it’s not always easy to invest in the church's leaders as much as I would like to. Sending the team to a yearly conference may ease that guilty conscience a little, but doesn't have very long term impact on the lives of the leaders or on their ministry in the church.
Participating this year in Back to Summit has made a huge difference in our church! Instead of being simply great motivating talks from some of the world’s best leaders, we were able to make each message applicable to our personal walk with God and to shape and strengthen our church for the future.

Working with Joel has greatly increased my effectiveness as a leader in the local church. Through our times together prepping for the Back to Summit sessions, he has been able to help me develop my ministry goals and strategies in order to bring the session alive for my leaders. I’m a better pastor because of Back to Summit.

After going through Back to Summit with my team, I wouldn’t be able to simple attend the Willow Creek Leadership Summit without this follow-up ever again. The combination of the conference and the coaching is by far the best bang for our ministry dollars and a fantastic tool for building up the local church!

You can learn more about Back to Summit from Joel's website HERE. I would strongly encourage EVERY church to do this next fall!


wca said…
Hey Kevin- This is a great idea! It's awesome to see how your church is leveraging the Summit for year round training!

Thanks for sharing this idea.

Thanks Kevin for the kind words. I think another benefit was having two churches roughly the same size interacting with each other as well. Thanks again for all the leadership skill and enthusiasm you brought to the table.

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