The Art of Online Ministry by Dana Byers

This morning I just finished reading the pre-released copy of the free ebook "The Art of Online Ministry" by Dana Byers. Dana is the president of Blue Door Ministries and passionate about church online and using modern technology to reach people with the message of Jesus all around the world.

This short ebook serves as an EXCELLENT guide to the world of church online ministry. I've always considered myself somewhat a tech expert. Working in the computer industry for 13 years before becoming a pastor kind of brings that tech experience with me. But to be honest, online church was a bit of a challenge for me... not so much as to "why" churches should do it (after all, I became a Christian thanks to an online ministry in 1998 and believe that every church should have a strong internet presence!) but the issue for me was "how" could churches do it. Was this a ministry just for the big, mega, America churches... did this require people with tech skills or passion for outreach to leave their small family church for the larger, more equiped churches... or could small to mid size Canadian churches have an impact in this area of ministry as well? Would it take years of development and ten of thousands of dollars?? Should it just be left to the few who are doing it incredibly well?

Dana answers all of these questions and more! This guide encourages any church of any size to consider how God may use them in this area of ministry. She does a fantastic job of clearly spelling out all the ins and outs to create your own church online experience. The cost and difficulty of such a ministry is WAY less than most of us would probably have guessed. Her incredibly heart-warming and encouraging ebook is definitely a must read for anyone who is considering starting a church online ministry. Each step of the process is clearly explained, from tech needs to volunteers to follow-up.

Even if you're not considering it, this ebook is well worth checking out for two reasons. One, it may help clarify any concerns or criticism that you may have about church online experiences. And second, it may just be the starting point that God will use in transforming your church to having a much larger impact all over the world through church online.

You can learn more about Blue Door Ministry by checking out their website at this link. The ebook will be available on April 1st.

Now I'm praying about getting a few people around my office table and seeing where God may be leading our church in this area of ministry.


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