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5th Anniversary

Gee! How did I miss this??? A few weeks ago was the 5th anniversary of when I started this blog. That's pretty crazy! Hard to believe it's been that long already! I've actually been blogging 2 years longer than that... my first blog was running on a Lotus Notes/Domino server using the very awesome Blog template from Now that DEFINITELY feels like a lifetime ago!
I've been reevaluating what I want to make available on this blog... Blogging used to be a great outlet for me since I love writing and didn't have many opportunities to do that. Now, I'm writing a 35 minute speech almost every week. Which, I just learned this week, is way more than what professional speech writers for politicians have to do :)
I'd like to start blogging more about how my sermon prep is impacting me... and how other Pastor's sermons are impacting me. Now that I speak a lot more than I need to listen, I need to make listening a much more important part of my j…

Pray for Boldness

Do you ever get bored of just going through the motions with church? This may sound odd for a Pastor to say this... but it's very easy for me to get bored with church. Why? Because I worry that sometimes the way we are living our lives as Christians here in our 2011 Canadian culture just doesn't match up with what I read in the New Testament. It gets way too easy to evaluate how the modern day church is doing spiritual by looking at the number of people who come and enjoy what they experience... it's much more difficult to evaluate life change and transformation.
Over the past couple of weeks I've been studying Paul's letter of Philemon. Paul wrote this letter to a wealthy slave owner named Philemon asking him to welcome back as a brother in Christ the runaway slave Onesimus. This isn't normally a letter that we preach all that much on... maybe it's because it doesn't contain any deep theological view of God or Christ... or maybe we're just unc…