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Happy Birthday Sam!

Today is an awesome day in the Presseault household! 8 years ago today the most amazing baby girl was born! Samantha was brought 8 years of awesomeness to our family.

I so proud of the young lady that she is. I love her sense of humor and her heart for singing and music and worshipping God!

Happy Birthday Princess! I love being your Daddy!

The Best Thing about the 4th of July

That was the day that my son Cameron was born. He is such a great kid! I'm always so proud of him. He's funny, kind, smart, helpful... And we see Jesus already doing great things in his heart.

As a 10 year old it's AWESOME seeing him volunteer at church to help out the toddlers... He started volunteering in our church's nursery and he does such a good job there.

I'm also SO grateful to a few teen guys who have taking my son under their wing and are spending time with him. The impact that they have on him is so big and i'm incredibly grateful for how they are modeling being a Christian young man to him.

Happy birthday Cameron! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!