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Video Testing

Our church is in the process of going from audio sermon recordings to full video. I'm pretty pumped about this and looking forward to finding more ways that integrate technology to help people connect with God and with each other.
This post is mainly so we can test out how embedding the video on our site will work... the sound will be much better with the actual sermons. This was my practice run through of last Sunday's message on Esther.
Furnace Faith - Esther from Greenbelt Online on Vimeo.

Playing on the Line

This past weekend I went camping with my wife's family. They all LOVE camping. Me... not so much. It's kind of become the family joke that camping is just not my thing... but do love spending time with the whole family so I go as much as I can.
When we head to the beach we only really have one rule for the kids. If no adult is in the water they are NOT allowed to go pass the roped off area. The lake has this big section of the water roped off to show everyone where it is safe to swim. The section that is roped off is huge, probably a couple of hundred meters of great water to play in.
What struck me yesterday was how every single time the adults are out of the water and we force the kids back into the roped area... well... where do they end up swimming and playing? RIGHT ON THE ROPE! They spend the entire time sitting right on the line! And of course you know what happens... one of them eventually crosses over the line... and immediately makes up excuses. "Someone…