Five Years Ago Today

This is just REALLY hard for me to believe...

Five years ago today I worked my last day in the computer industry. Five years ago today I said goodbye to incredible people and an incredible career... and followed God on the craziest, roller-coaster of my life: I went into full-time pastoral ministry.

Five years?!!?! Where does the time go?

These past five years have really been incredible. I've learned so much about myself, the church, my family, and more importantly, about God! There have been times that were incredibly exciting. There were times that were incredibly challenging. There were times when I thought changing careers was the dumbest move ever. But way more often were times when I wouldn't trade a thing in my life for a billion dollars!

I've been reflecting a lot on the last five years this week (maybe even a little bit too much since this Sunday's message is still in its outline phase!). Looking back on the work that God has done in me and through me just gets me INCREDIBLY jazzed about everything that is ahead. God is going some great things here at Greenbelt and it's so exciting to see!

I can't wait to reflect back on the next five years!


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