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What Are You Afraid Of?

Yesterday at Greenbelt we wrapped up our series called Resolutions: Living the Life You Know You Should.  This has been a really great series to get us to look closely at our lives and ask ourselves why don't we live the life that we want to... but we just don't seem to be able to make the necessary changes.

I concluded the series talking about being FEARLESS.

Let's face it... if we were really honest with each other, everyone is afraid of something.  It could be big things like death, illness, injury, or lost of employment.  Or it could be little things like afraid of letting people down.  Regardless of what fear you have... the truth is, we all have them.

And I believe that's why the Bible has so much to say about being FEARLESS.  From beginning to end the Bible is constantly telling us that we don't need to be afraid.

Fear will constantly get in the way of the life that you want to have.  Fear will always cripple you and keep you stuck.  And that's a biblic…

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Prayer for 2012

This time of year is always a period of reflection for me... looking back on the past year, all the blessings, all the learnings, all the challenges... each of these have helped to shape me into who I am today.
Last year was one of huge blessing for my family and I. We've been settling into a new life here in a new city and new church. We have SO loved being part of Greenbelt. Living in Ottawa has really felt like being back home. Making new friends and new ministry connections was slow at first and now we're really thrilled where we see so many great relationships developing.
Last year was a big one for me to trust God in all areas of my life. Since that was my main prayer for 2011 it's really neat to look back and see all the places where God showed up. Not all areas where perfect... but He has shown me so much and constantly reminded me that I can rest in Him and trust that He will provide!
This year is going to bring more change into our family. We just feel that i…