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Be Intentional!

I've been in pastoral ministry now for six and a half years.  Before that I worked in the computer industry for nearly 14 years.  In those 20 years I've seen a lot of different styles of companies.  I've seen very different church ministry models and leaders.  And even though all these organizations look very different at the micro level, I think  every single one of them can be put into one of two categories:
Those that are in REACTION mode and those that are in INTENTIONAL mode. Let me explain this from what I've observed in the church world for the past half dozen years.  It would seem to me that the vast majority of churches are not intentional in how they do things.  In fact, it would appear that the leaders work much more in an reactionary type of way.  Something happens - we respond.  A crisis hits - we respond.  Someone resigns - we respond.  A phone call or an email in the morning will completely change the work plans for the day.

Now, of course, when an emerg…