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The Road to Intentionality

Earlier this year I was explaining what my job is like to guy who has never attended church.  When I worked in the computer industry, that was pretty easy to explain: I develop computer software to help companies work more efficiently and effectively.  As a pastor, trying to explain my role to someone with no concept of church apart from what he sees in movies or reads about in the news, was much harder.  I tried to keep it to a one sentence answer.  I tried "I help people become more like Jesus" but, of course, that makes no sense to someone who doesn't even believe that Jesus ever existed...  then I tried "I lead my church" but again, he has no clue what goes on in a church so that meant nothing to him.  I was then required to break it down into many different short sentences.

I prepare a 45 minute sermon in order to help people understand the Bible better, make it relevant to their lives and help them apply it in their daily living.I lead the church by casti…