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Working on Church Systems

"Your system is perfectly designed to get the results that you're getting."

Over the past several years, probably more than I care to admit, I've been reading on the importance of healthy, functional systems in the church.  A system is a set of interacting components which form an integrated whole.  That may sound like a weird definition and may seem even weirder to think that the church would need anything like this... but so much of how the church works depends on healthy systems.  Here are a few examples:

Integration System:  how do first time guests at the church become fully integrated into the church family?
Volunteer System: how do people begin serving in the church's different ministries and how are they equipped to do so?
Leadership System: how are new leaders recognized and setup to lead in the church?
Care System: how are the spiritual and physical needs of those inside and outside the church met? The more I read and study these different types of systems…