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Leader Lifter Episode 5: Criticism part 1

Nothing will reveal our character more than how we deal and respond to criticism. In part one of this two part topic we ask ourselves 2 questions to improve as leaders in how we handle criticism.

Two questions to ask ourselves:

Do I have a healthy/biblical understanding of correction?What is the criticism about?How do you handle criticism? I'd love to hear how you deal with it where you lead.

Leader Lifter Episode 4: Generosity

We continue to discuss how our character is important in our leadership. In this episode we look at Generosity.

Simply click the Title or the Read More link to watch the video.

Resources mentioned in the Podcast:
- The Renegade Pastor by Nelson Searcy
- Rick Warren's talk at the Resurgence 2013 conference

This wasn't directly mentioned in the Podcast, but here is a great link with information about tithing from Dave Ramsey.