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Leader Lifter Episode 9: Don't Lead Alone

In this episode of the Leader Lifter we discuss the importance of not leading alone.


One of my favorite comics to read as a kid was a series called WHAT IF?. Every month they would present a famous comic story... but ask the question "What if?" and change an important part of it in order to see how the story would turn out completely different - for good or for bad.

What if Wolverine never joined the X-Men? What if Spider-man never became a crime fighter? What if the Hulk kept Bruce Banner's intelligence?

I loved this stuff! Each month I read these comics over and over again, examining the endless possibilities on how the stories I loved could be different with just a small change, a twist of fate or a different choice.

To this day I'm still a big fan of WHAT IF? stories. But not in comic books. Each of us right now is living our story. We each deal with challenges. We each experience joys and heart ache. We each have responsibilities that can seem overwhelming at times.

But WHAT IF? What if a small change were to come into your life... how would th…