I'm Bored!

Have you ever heard a child complaining "I'M BORED!"?  I know I have.  What is really interesting about the statement is not a true lack of possible activity for the child... but rather, the complete lack of interest in doing any of those activities.  They are mundane and just not exciting... so the child gets bored.

Guess what?  This happens to adults too!  Especially leaders!

In the ten years I've been serving the local church as a pastor I've seen many leaders express that they are bored.  Let's be honest for a moment, I've said this myself on many occasions - in fact, I'm in a bit of a season right now where I'm feeling bored.

If you're a leader, here's what I know about you.  There is something about the status quo that never sits right with you.  There's something that just shouts out in your bones that if your church or organization isn't growing and moving forward then it's running the risk of dying.  And you get frust…


Normally this time of year I become very reflective... I look back on the past year and I pray that God would show me things that He has taught me.  I find this very important so that I do not forget what I've learned and, more importantly, that I actually put it into practice.

I learned this from the Bible.  In Philippians 4:8-9 the Apostle Paul writes:
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you. "Put it into practice".  It's not enough to just hear from God and learn great stuff... as Christians, and especially as Christian leaders, we need to put it into practice.  Over the next few days I'll be writing about what I believe God has taught me this past year and how…

A Theology of Meat vs Fruit

I've been wanting to write on this topic for some time... I've been studying this topic more and more... and I figured now would be as good of a time as any to start looking at this.

As church leaders and as Christians we need a good Theology of Meat vs Fruit.

Why?  Because of what the Apostle Paul wrote to church leaders in his letter to his son in the faith, Timothy:
For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths. (2 Tim. 4:3) Now... most of the time we attribute this verse to people outside of the church who are looking for whatever spiritual leader will tickle their fancy.  But Paul is writing this to a church leader about people in the church.  The church will be a place where people will turn away from listening to truth and will find teachers to suit their own passions.

Theology, as a…

My Greatest Struggle in Ministry

Pastoral ministry is an amazing calling.  I'm still in awe that I'm get to do what I love so much every day.  It's a wonderful work... but far from easy.

Over the past eight years of pastoral work I have had to learn a lot about myself.... and others.  I try hard to learn and grow... to learn from my mistakes... and improve from them... all the while trusting in the power and guidance of God, growing in my love of Him and His church.

My greatest struggle in ministry still remains my greatest struggle.  It comes back regularly... and it's hard to explain in one short statement... but I'll try.

Because I live, eat, breathe, and sleep church life, I know everything going on here, far more than anyone else.  That gives me more insight in where we need to go as a church... and my struggle comes when others can't see what I see... and I can't seem to get them to see it...

My heart breaks for what people are struggling with.  The hurts, pain, loneliness, sins, il…

Take Small Steps to your BIG Vision!

I consider myself a big picture, vision type of person.  I can see the clear destination on where we need to go as a organization.  I can see the problems that are preventing the results we are hoping to accomplish.

But when it comes time to put the steps in place to get to the vision... I struggle, get easily distracted, and get lost in the details.

I've had to learn how to take small steps today to continue to move towards where we want to be tomorrow.  And this is challenging for me as well, since, probably like you, I wish I was already at the vision I see so clearly in my head!  It's not my default to naturally work this way.

Here's a real life example of this that I'm working through.  Our church is growing.  We are seeing an increase in families, in young singles, and in older couples coming.  We are seeing people from no or little church background come.  We are seeing people coming to faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  We are seeing people get engaged in t…

What Breaks Your Heart?

I was watching this video by Pastor Andy Stanley from the 2014 Catalyst conference.

In his opening statements he challenges leaders to know who they are... and asks them what breaks their hearts.
As a pastor in the local church I know exactly what breaks my heart.  It's what keeps me up late at night.  It's what drives me crazy when I'm not able to articulate it in such a way as to get others on board.  It's become my reason for all that I do in the church.
What breaks my heart is Christians who live like non-Christians and give non-Christians a bad image of Christ.
Let me try to explain why this breaks my heart.
I didn't grow up in church.  I know most people would assume that since I'm a Pastor that I come from this very religious home.  My family is great but church life wasn't really a part of my upbringing.  In fact, by grade 8 I didn't believe that God was real and I thought that the church was a scam to get people's money.
It wasn't unti…

Working on Church Systems

"Your system is perfectly designed to get the results that you're getting."

Over the past several years, probably more than I care to admit, I've been reading on the importance of healthy, functional systems in the church.  A system is a set of interacting components which form an integrated whole.  That may sound like a weird definition and may seem even weirder to think that the church would need anything like this... but so much of how the church works depends on healthy systems.  Here are a few examples:

Integration System:  how do first time guests at the church become fully integrated into the church family?
Volunteer System: how do people begin serving in the church's different ministries and how are they equipped to do so?
Leadership System: how are new leaders recognized and setup to lead in the church?
Care System: how are the spiritual and physical needs of those inside and outside the church met? The more I read and study these different types of systems…