Leader Lifter Episode 4: Generosity

We continue to discuss how our character is important in our leadership. In this episode we look at Generosity.

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Resources mentioned in the Podcast:
- The Renegade Pastor by Nelson Searcy
- Rick Warren's talk at the Resurgence 2013 conference

This wasn't directly mentioned in the Podcast, but here is a great link with information about tithing from Dave Ramsey.

My Prayer for 2018

I implemented something pretty simple into my life way back in 2005. I began that year to write out a short, one or two sentence prayer, that I would make the central focus of my prayer time that year.  I don't remember where I learned the idea... my guess is it was from the men's Bible study put out by Man in the Mirror since I has heavily influenced by them back in those days... regardless of where I learned it, this practice has been a huge blessing in my life, my family and in my work in the church.

Some years I've very spiritual about it and spend days, even weeks, praying to God asking him to give me the prayer I should pray. After all, wouldn't it be so much better to be regularly praying God's will? Of course! Other years, I just simply picked something that I wanted more of. Some years I've seen instant changes around me through these prayers... and other times, it was only when someone pointed it out to me that I became aware of any change.

For 2018…

Leader Lifter Episode 3: Integrity

In this episode of the Leader Lifter we continue the conversation on how character impacts our leadership. We talk about the importance of integrity.

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An amazing book on the topic of Integrity is Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality by Dr. Henry Cloud.

Episode 2: Humilty

In this second episode of The Leader Lifter we look at different parts of our character that can impact our leadership. This episode starts with the topic of humility.

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Here is the link to the book Humilitas by John Dickson.

Leader Lifter Episode 1: Values

Here is the first episode of the Leader Lifter recorded back in October, 2017.

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In this Episode I talk about the value of Values. Whether they are  your organization's values or your own personal values, they will impact how you lead others.

It's Alive! Alive!

After nearly a year of being dormant, I'm resurrecting my blog :)

I've greatly enjoyed blogging over the years. It's been a great exercise for me to grow and develop as a leader. It's also been an amazing tool to look back over the past and see all the great things that have gone on in my ministry and life.

The first way that I'm going to be using this blog is to host the new Video and Audio Podcast that I'm working on called The Leader Lifter. I've been incredibly blessed to be able to learn from so many great people. My desire is to be a pastor and leader who passes that along to equip others in their ministry and leadership. The podcast will focus on different aspects of leadership that I'm learning and developing in my own life.

Secondly, I'll be using the blog more regularly to write. Writing is not my strong point. I know I need to improve in this area so this will be a public way for me to improve in this by blogging about spiritual growth, c…

I'm Bored!

Have you ever heard a child complaining "I'M BORED!"?  I know I have.  What is really interesting about the statement is not a true lack of possible activity for the child... but rather, the complete lack of interest in doing any of those activities.  They are mundane and just not exciting... so the child gets bored.

Guess what?  This happens to adults too!  Especially leaders!

In the ten years I've been serving the local church as a pastor I've seen many leaders express that they are bored.  Let's be honest for a moment, I've said this myself on many occasions - in fact, I'm in a bit of a season right now where I'm feeling bored.

If you're a leader, here's what I know about you.  There is something about the status quo that never sits right with you.  There's something that just shouts out in your bones that if your church or organization isn't growing and moving forward then it's running the risk of dying.  And you get frust…