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Superman Returns: The Novel

Last week I finished reading the novel Superman Returns by Marv Wolfman. I've always read the novels of my favorite movies. I find sometimes this really gives an interesting addition to the film.
There were some great stuff added to the novel which didn't appear in the film. This could be considered spoiler material if you still haven't seen the film and don't want to know anything. If this is the case then stop reading now.
By far the most interesting different between the novel and movie is Superman's trip to the planet Krypton. This was definitely the biggest disappointment of the movie for me. I was really looking forward to seeing how today's modern technology would be improving on the design of Krypton we were introduced to in 1978. The book did two great things with this part of the story. The first was simply the description of Krypton's history and architecture. The second was Superman's near fatal escape from the planet of his birth. A scene wi…

The Journey - Next Step Nearing Completion

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm in the process of leaving the IT industry and heading out into the world of full time ministry as an associate pastor. This journey so far has been incredibly exciting, scary, humbling, and just a time to really learn to trust and put my faith completely in God even more.

Back in July when all this was really taking shape, my wife and I decided to break this journey into three main steps. First, get the job. Second, sell the house. Then third, find a house. Step one was completed on July 31 when I officially received the offer for the position. For for the past 2 weeks we've been deep in step two - sell the house!

Last night we received an offer. After a little bit of negociating we all came to an acceptable offer. This is just huge! The house market right now in Montreal is a little slow and was not really expected to pick up until mid-September. Having the house sell now in this market, for a fair price, and having the dates work out perf…



These are the types of pictures you find after you get your digital camera back from your five year old son!

Not bad... He has a pretty good eye! Maybe we're looking at the beginnings of a future Jimmy Olsen.

A Lot of Dead Blogs Out There...

I was doing some Google searching while drinking some green tee today. I'm trying to expand my blog reading. Seeing as how in 6 weeks I'll be out of the computer biz I figured I look around and try to find some interesting blogs in the area of church ministry, especially in discipleship, member integration, and pastoral care.

I did find a few good ones. I'll add a link to them on the site here once I sort through them. But I was even more amazed to see the HUGE number of blogs that are started and just drop off the face of cyberspace. Too bad. Some of them really looked like they had awesome potential.

Great Things About our House

One of the things I really love about our house is being so closed to the river. It just gives such a country feel to everything even though we live in the city. It has been great to sit out on the porch and be able to see the water through the trees. Some mornings we'd just sit outside and look at the water and just praise God for just how awesome and wonderful His creation is.It has been great to be able to put my kayak on my shoulder and walk to the end of the street and jump in and go. I haven't been taking advantage of that nearly enough the past month... Gotta get more trips in there fast!And last weekend we found another great thing about it... a new family of ducklings have moved into the neighborhood. The kids and I had such a great time feeding them. Those little ducks had zero fear and were coming right up to us and eating out of our hands! Very cool!I'll definitely miss all these things when we move.

Big News!

This past couple of months have been really exciting in our house. We've been making some big plans and we can finally share it.

After spending much time praying and discussing this I have decided to leave the computer industry and go into full time Christian ministry. After almost 15 years in the biz this decision was both incredibly exciting and incredibly scary. Luckily we know we're in good hands to make all this happen!

I have been going through the interview process with a church since the end of May and recently that was completed and the job was offered. And we accepted it. I've accepted the position of Associate Pastor. The start date will depend on how fast we can sell our house so we can hit the 401 and get settled outside of Waterloo Ontario where the church is located.

Leaving friends and colleagues is never easy. I've been in Montreal since I was 17 years old and made many life long friends here. I'm very grateful for the role that each of you ha…