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Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first day at as the new Associate Pastor at Woodside Bible Fellowship. It's going to be a big day so I really need to get a decent night sleep. We've been up late a most nights organizing and unpacking. Today we did a great job of folding up all the boxes from the move... but man oh man am I ever tired.

I'll try to post tomorrow on how the day went.

I'm Back!

Well the move is done and we're into unpacking like crazy. I'll post more details soon on how great the move was but I thought I'd get this link to my Flickr group up here so everyone can get a look at the new place.

Pictures from the move to Elmira

Shutting Down Till Next Week

I'm just about to start packing up my computer... so don't expect any blog entries or emails from me in the next few days.

Hopefully I'll be back up and running by next Tuesday. Then I'll a bunch of new pictures and details of the move.

The computer career is finished. The house is sold. The check has cleared. The movers arrive in the morning. The new house is purchased on Friday. Then a week after that I'm an Associate Pastor. HOW VERY COOL IS THAT?!

God is REALLY great! This journey He has put us on has been the biggest adventure of my life. I wouldn't have changed a thing.


The house is now officially sold. We came back from the notary about an hour ago. Everything is full steam ahead now.

Tomorrow is our last day of packing. The movers arrive bright and early Thursday morning. Hopefully they'll be done in a couple of hours so we can do a nice clean up of the house and then hit the highway. The drive is about 7.5 hours to Waterloo where we'll be staying in a hotel for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to hitting their jacuzzi and relaxing!

Farewell at Westview

This morning was our last Sunday at Westview Bible Church. Gotta admit... that was a lot harder then I thought it was going to be. Saying goodbye to so many friends and people who have been so important helping us grow in our faith was quite bitter sweet. Everyone was so thrilled for the new adventure but sad to see us leave.

Our pastor and friend Steve MacDonald had the family come up during the services to pray for us. Luckily I had a pocket full of Kleenex :) Normally I'm quite comfortable in a crowd... this morning I could barely lift up my head and look at everyone in the eyes...

In about a hour we'll be heading out to the farewell party that Westview is putting on for us. Definitely got to go and grab some more tissues.

Last Day

So here I am... sitting at my desk, drinking my morning coffee and I'm about to start cleaning out all my belongings. Hard to believe that the day has finally come. My last day working in the IT industry.

I've had such a fantastic ride and had the privilege to work with some wonderful people and great gadgets. I got my first job in 1992 as a COBOL programmer. Those were some pretty crazy applications we were writing in that language! They were the company who first introduced me to Lotus Notes. When the office in Houston was shut down I was trained to become the Notes developer for all North American. That was a great job! I sure racked up the air mile points for those 5 years!

From there I moved into the consulting side by landing a job with a firm who is now actually a part of IBM (I left before that happened). I moved into my current company 7 years ago as a senior consultant. Here I've had the great privilege to head up the Lotus Notes Practice, the Mobile Solutions Prac…

I'm Now a Published Writter

I've always wanted to spend more time writting. I would dream of seeing my name in print in such great magazines such as The View or Lotus Notes Advisor... but there just never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get on that.

So almost 8 years since I've wanted to do this type of writting I've finally had my first article published. Of course it has nothing to do with computers since the big career change goes into effect Friday. I was asked by my new church to write an article for The Elmira Independant, a weekly local newspaper in Elmira, Ontario. I jumped at the chance and the article came out in last week's issue. Not bad. I haven't even started the new job yet and I've already accomplished one of my personal goals in life!

Here is the article.

So… Do You Trust Me?
By Kevin Presseault, Associate Pastor, Woodside Bible Fellowship

I’ve never been very comfortable around water.

As a young boy I would spend summers at my grandmother’s cottage.
My cousins and siste…

One Week Left

Next Friday, September 15th, is going to be my last day working in the computer industry. The following week is our big move to Elmira, Ontario where I'll be starting at Woodside Bible Fellowship. My start date there is October 2nd. The two weeks in between will give us the time to move and get unpacked.

As I've been handing off more and more of my responsibilities here and training my replacement, the reality of this huge change is starting to really hit. I'm incredibly excited and looking forward to getting started as an associate pastor while at the same time looking back on the great career I had as a programmer/analyst/consultant. I'm so grateful for the opportunities that were presented to me, for the great people I've met over the past 15 years and for the awesome teams I've worked with, and the great clients who have provided some very fun and challenging work.

I'm sure the next 15 years are going to be just as rewarding!