Going to Feel This in the Morning...

This afternoon I went and played squash. I used to play quite a lot in College but I haven't been on a court in at least 12 years. Needless to say, I was pretty rusty.

During my sermon last week I made reference to the importance of walking along side someone to help you grow spiritually and used an example of going to the gym. Working out and exercising is so much easier when you have someone to go with. I then mentioned that the reason I don't have a six-pack of abs is because I'm lazy and don't have someone dragging me to the gym :)

Well... one of the congregation members called me on this one and invited me to play squash. He's a pilot with Air Canada. His schedule is not a regular 9-to-5-weekends-off life so he's always looking for other to play with. Guest what? A pastor isn't a 9-to-5-weekend-off profession either I said I'd love to go.

I had a real blast! I had forgotten how much fun playing squash is. Sure, he probably was going easy on me, but I was quite happy to score at least a couple of points in each game :)

I'll definitely be doing this again more often... in fact, I've just bid on a new racket, balls and eye protectors on EBay...


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