Crunch Time

I'm in my office at the church this afternoon trying to finish off my next paper for school which is due Tuesday. With the trip to Ottawa, Montreal and then the visit from my sister from Nashville this week I'm quite behind on where I was hoping to be for getting this homework done.

Tuesday's paper is a nice short one... only a five page critical interaction on the book Natural Church Development by Charles A. Schwarz. I'm nearly finished the first draft. Next it will be my 25 page research paper. I've decided to do it on Communion. I thought this would be an interesting topic since it's a topic in churches that seems to cause a lot of disagreement and yet doesn't have much in the way of clear and precise teaching in the New Testament. Should be a fun one!

Oh! By the way. I received my first paper back. I got a B+! Not bad at all for my first paper in nearly 20 years :-) If you'd like to give it a read I have it posted online here at this link. Let me know what you think.

Well, the break is over. I gotta get back to this!


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