Deep Breath.... Relax!

Ahhhhh..... the crunch is over!

This past month has been crazy around our place! With trips for us to Ottawa and Montreal, then visitors from Nashville and Montreal, on top of that 2 papers to write for school and 5 Easter services happening at our church, March and early April quite exhausting.

So, now, school is finished. I handed in my last paper yesterday. If you're interested in reading it you can click here. Not sure if it's as good as I would have liked, but with just being so busy I'm quite happy that I was able to even finish it. And I did learn a TON of stuff writing it, which, I guess, is the point :-)

So now I can get on a few ministry areas that I really want to put more energy into. The first is the Small Group Ministry. I haven't had any real chance since the conference in California to even look at the material I picked up there. Two other priorities are the Women's Ministry and the Singles Ministry. I admit that I'm not all that familiar with these two ministries (since I'm a married guy). So I'm looking for resources and people to talk to in these two areas. I did meet the lady who runs the women's ministry at Saddleback... just wish I could remember her name! Ugh! Must be getting old (and yes it is my 36th birthday today so that's probably the reason for the memory lost). Finally, I have some organizing that needs to be looked at in our ushers and greeting teams.

Well... I guess there won't be as much time to relax as I thought there would be :-)


Patrick said…
Hey Kev,

Happy Birthday buddy ! There is nothing about your birthday on your blog today...

J'espère que tu a trouvé un moyen de pratiquer ton français. En fait, je sais que non ! I told you ! :-) Ha! Ha!

By the way, next time you come in Montreal... call me...

Bonne Fête encore !

Kevin said…
Actually... I meet with a missionary from Africa every week at Tim Horton's so we can practice our French together :) Danielle has been doing the same with his wife. And Cameron is signed up for French emersion school next year. Donc, on practique encore notre francais!

Thanks for the Happy Birthday!
Claude said…
Bonne Fête Kevin,

Amuse toi bien et bonjour à ta famille.

Talk to you soon,

Chris Whisonant said…
Thought you would like this... :)


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