Seminary Update

On Tuesday I received back the paper I wrote on the theology presented in the book Natural Church Development. I was quite shocked with my grade. I received an A! Anyone interested can read the paper here. Please feel free to comment.

So now I just have one last paper to finish writing. It's due on Tuesday. It needs to be between 20-24 pages. I'm up to 10 pages already and still have TONS of material that I can add to it. I should have the first draft finished by the end of the day tomorrow.

I'm actually doing a lot better in this class then I was expecting. I figured my first course, especially since it's in a new field was going to be really hard. Back when I was in college I wasn't a very good student. I worked VERY hard but really struggled just to get passing grades... I guess this built into me a bit of an insecurity about school and continuing my education. Maybe it's just the maturity which comes with being nearly 36 years old... or maybe it's just that I'm more wired to study theology and church ministry then sciences and math... Who knows? But this I do know, I'm quite looking forward to my next course. I'll be taking one class this summer called The Prison Epistles. This is a detailed look at Paul's letters. Should be cool!


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