Just finished watching the first season of Battlestar Galatica on Friday. Man oh man! I just love this show! I can't believe I haven't gotten in to this one before.

Of course the only problem is... now I have to get my hands on the second season DVD set! I was looking at a few stores yesterday... and I just couldn't bring myself to slap down $65 for only 10 episodes. Maybe I'll check out Ebay later today to see if I can find them cheaper.

As a side note... what's with the cylons having a glowing back when they're making love??? That seems like a pretty big give away that someone is a cylon! When they are completely organic why put lights in them. That just seems dumb. You'd think just a simple cat-scan whould show that they have lights in their spins. That's really the only nit picking that I can do with this show. Everything else is just perfect.


Robin said…
Yeah, I hate how they released season 2 in two different dvd sets, each of which is pretty much as expensive as all of season one (which also includes the mini series). Bit of rip off.
Kevin said…
I'm seeing some on Ebay selling for about $20. That's a tad more reasonable for me!

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