Kim Phuc

This weekend we had the privilege of having Kim Phuc join us for our service on Sunday and to share her story with the community on Saturday evening.

If you're not aware of who Kim is, she is the young girl in this photo who is running down the street naked after her village was napalmed during the Vietnam war. Her clothes were burned right off her back as the napalm burned her flesh. This photo brought the reality of war to so many around the world. Her story of faith and forgiveness is such a powerful testimony of God's forgiveness and the power that can come from God when we truly do "love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us"!
Kim now travels the world speaking on behalf of children who are the innocent victims of war. War sucks. Period. And it sucks even more when you hear these personal stories of how these children suffer because of it. Kim's story of forgiveness in this darkest of situations is such a light to those who could never imagine the suffering that goes on in war.
I would strongly suggest that you give her website a look. The link can be found here. Maybe God wants to use you as well in helping these innocent victims of war all around the world.


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