Got My Cake and I'm Eating it too.

Just finished the PC game Portal. Man of man was that ever fun! I haven't enjoyed a PC game that much in YEARS! Mind you... that may be because I finally have a decently powerful computer that can actually play these newer games.

This past weekend was the opening for the show Ten Times Two being put on by the Elmira Theatre Company. I thought the show was fantastic! We had our Gala on Thursday, judication on Friday (which is a judging to see if the show goes on in a festival in March), a show Saturday night, then again Sunday afternoon. The show runs for the next two weekends as well. It sure is a blast being back involved with some theatre.

Still not sleeping as much as I'd like... but it's getting better. I'm hoping that once I get my homework finished this week that I'll be able to get a tad more sleep :-)

All in all, life is grand! Busy, sure. Tired, you bet! But loving God, my family, my friends and my life... not letting the lows make me low and looking forward to all that's going on this week!


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