I want to learn to play the drums!

On Monday we had a great Family Day (a new holiday introduced by the Ontario government) hanging out with our neighbors.

I got to play a little Rock Band with my buddy Pat on his PS3 and large screen TV! AWESOME!! I'm totally hooked and BUMMED that that game isn't available on the Wii... but I had such a blast playing the drums on that thing!

All week I've just wanted to rock out and band on the drums some more. I've been doing air drum solos in my car. I'm annoying the rest of the staff here at church with my load drum kicking music (how's that different from the rest of the ways I annoy them I haven't quite figured out yet). I'm even thinking of trying out a lesson or two to see if that would be any fun. Everyone's got to have a hobby, right? :-)


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