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I'm currently reading the book "The Relational Way" by M. Scott Boren. I was actually hoping to have it finished by today but I'm only a few chapters into it...

Anyways, so far this book is just great! I love the emphasis on how it's not simply the proper structure of your small group ministry that is going to make the difference in your church, but whether or not these groups are fostering meaningful life connections.

I was just struck by one section which compares the ministry of Jesus to the ministry of the average modern day pastor. Here's what it basically says about Jesus' ministry:
  • Research on the Synoptic Gospels has provided estimates that Jesus spent about 50 percent of his time with 12 key leaders during his years of ministry
  • He also invested time to a core group of 70 followers... but this was much less.
  • And, of course, Jesus minister to the masses (like feeding the 5000 and the sermon on the mount) but again this was far less time...
For the modern pastor it's says this:
  • 75% of their time is invested in ministering to the crowd through preaching, preparation for preaching, counseling and organizing mass events.
  • The remainder of the time is spent with core people and key leaders in order to simply prepare for the big crowd events...
So, for the modern day pastor... it appears that we are doing ministry backwards from the way Jesus did it! By constantly focusing on the crowd we are losing the deeper relationships which come from intentional time spent with our key leaders.

This really gets me thinking... how am I doing as the pastor of small groups in our church? Am I investing my time pouring into key leaders the way Jesus did? Am I spending 50% of my time investing in them in order that they can in turn reproduce what they've received? Or do I spend the larger portion of my time "feeding the machine" (as I like to call it)... using my time and energy simply making the programs run smoothly? Reflecting on these questions this morning... well... to be honest... I don't like my answers at all. And that's something I'm committed to change!

As we continue to grow as a church, I pumped about what God is doing and excited to see our small group ministry mature into something much more life transforming then we ever thought or imagined! And, even though I'm only 50 pages into it, I just feel some of these insights from this book will be a part of that.


"I was hoping to have it finished by today but..."

I've read Scott's book three times now and I must say it's not a fast read at all. Not that a slow deep read is bad, but this book isn't a walk in the park. Each page gave me something to stop and ponder about my own life and ministry.
mike said…
Jesus also hung out with just Peter, James and John at certain times.
Kevin said…
You're right Randall! I think I'll be going through this book for quite some time!!

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