Tuesday Brain Dump

I figured that while I eat some Lean Cuisine and listening to some podcasts I'd give a little mind dump of all the things going on in my life these days...
  • Feeling a tad guilty about not taking any summer courses over the next few months... Ideally I wanted to take at least 2 courses each summer in order to speed my program along... but the only course that really fit in my program was a course on the book of Revelation. Now, that's a cool book and all, but I would rather use my New Testament elective course for something other then that one... just me I guess :-)

  • I REALLY need to get into a better shape then round :-) I'm going to start jogging. A buddy told me about this program called Couch to 5K Running Program. Looks pretty interesting. I'm going to start that this evening... If you find my corpse on the side of the road somewhere please let my wife know :-)

  • Our trip this weekend to Ottawa and Montreal was great. It was so nice to see family and friends. It sure was a fast trip though... only 4 days to see so many people. It was nice to be at our nephew's birthday party. It was great to see the Becket Player show. It was great to worship on Sunday at our church there. And it was just nice to sit around with dear friends and get caught up with them. Hopefully we'll be back there again this summer.

  • Guitar Hero ROCKS! I played until 1am last night! I would make a great rock star! Maybe that will be my next career if this pastor thing doesn't work out for me :-)

  • I'm reading so many great books on authentic community in the church and impacting the people around us. This is awesome awesome stuff! As God continues to move us here in our part of the world, I'm SOOOO pumped and excited to see where it's all going to lead!
That's just some of the things occupying my gray cell matter... I have a bunch of things I want to write about... my get to some of it this week.


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