The Armor of Religion - Part 5

Almost finished... just two more pieces of the Armor of Religion to look at.

Piece #4: The Helmet of Knowledge

OK... I know, knowledge is not a direct opposite of salvation... but hear me out on this one.

Religion is VERY knowledge heavy. We study the scriptures, we encourage children to memorize verses, we learn the meaning of religious rituals, we learn the meaning for procedures and everything else that goes on.

As our knowledge increases we know how to navigate in our religion. We learn to adapt, to play by the rules, to look the part. There is also a respect that comes with our knowledge. People come to us for answers. Invitations to teach. Invitations to join special teams. Our knowledge makes us look like were doing very well in our religion...

But the truth is, I've met a large number of knowledgeable people... very smart and could quote the Bible way better then I ever could... and they don't believe in God. Our knowledge doesn't bring about salvation! Salvation comes from GRACE!

2 Peter 3:18 says "Rather, you must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." Knowledge is a good thing and everyone should be learning more to grow in their knowledge... but this verse says we must ALSO be growing in our grace! The truth is, our knowledge will NOT be what a hurting and suffering world will notice... but they will experience our love and grace that is giving out to them freely.

The Helmet of Knowledge does nothing but pump ourselves up in our religious circles. God's Helmet of Salvation is the hope of the world!


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