Brain Dump

  • Ditched out on baseball tonight. Hated having to do that. I LOVE playing... even though I TOTALLY SUCK at it! Just had too much work I wanted to go through and didn't see how I could get it done in the day this week...

  • Anyone have an old Blackberry they're looking to get rid of??? I lost my cell phone at Canada's Wonderland last week. Since I've been thinking of getting a Blackberry for awhile now I took this as a sign from God that now was the time :) And the fact that my Palm Pilot is dying as well was the second sign! I went to the Bell store in town... and after spending AN HOUR with them worked out a great deal... only to then find that they couldn't do that on my current contract. Not the sales guys fault... I felt bad for them since they tried hard to make me happy... All I could get was a $50 credit off the full price of a new Blackberry... which was over $300. I couldn't justify that. So if anyone is upgrading their Bell Mobility Blackberry, let me know and I'll buy your old one :)

  • I'm reading the book Plastic Jesus by Eric Sandras. Very good so far!

  • Coaching 4 year olds playing soccer was a real test of the patience tonight :) Not sure what was up with in the air tonight... but boy those kids didn't want to be playing today :)

  • I REALLY need to get out and see The Incredibly Hulk this week. Maybe tomorrow.

  • I really need to spend more time with my wife.

  • I really need to spend more time with my kids.

  • I really need to spend more time getting work done.

  • Ahhh the dilemma of the modern, working man :)

  • I'm finally going to be getting my license to perform weddings this week!!! I finally managed to speak with someone at the registrar office. She was incredibly nice and helpful and got the entire process finalized! Perfect timing since I'm doing my first wedding on July 5th!

  • I haven't been to the comic book store in 3 weeks! What's up with that?!??!?! Definitely working too much...

  • I'm praying a lot for church leaders... just hearing WAAAAYYYYY too many stories of guys in ministry who are falling to some pretty heavy sin issues and other guys that are just struggling. Definitely not right!


Robin said…
I say you hold out for an iPhone instead. Aren't they coming to Canada in July? Cheaper than ever? They're coming to Japan, too, but almost nothing's cheaper here.
Chad said…
I'm with Robin. In fact, that's just what I was coming here to post. The iPhone is definitely worth the wait, especially the new 3G ones.
Kevin said…
Hmmm.... maybe I'll do that. That means being without a phone for a month. Then of course I'm stuck paying a service at Bell for a year since I still have a year left in my contract... the iPhone is only going to be available at Rogers.

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