Monday Mind Dump

Ok... I know, I know. You're all waiting for my wrap up to the Armor of Religion postings (ok, maybe it's just two of you!) I was going to get to it... but I decided to save that as a surprise for my next sermon in July :-) Don't want to give away the ending here on the blog...

Here's some stuff that I'm thinking/praying/stressing/celebrating over...
  • The Geek Pastor podcast is back!!! YAY! Make sure you check that out at this link.

  • Last week we had a great staff retreat day where we look at this next ministry year. It was just a great day of getting away from the daily grind and pray and think and plan were we'd like to see us going as a church in the year and years to come.

  • I'm currently brainstorming thoughts and idea on how to restructure our Welcome Team. Unfortunately, since I've been here, that has been the one area of ministry that keeps getting "bumped" down the priority list by other demands and expectations. As we go forward with the building construction, I firmly believe that this ministry is going to be the key for helping people coming into our doors to connect with God and with other people. So it's now on the top of the priority list :-)

  • Here's a question that I'm sure a TON of smarter people then I have have try to figure out in the church: How do you honor and respect the tradition of the church yet grow and stretch a church to reach out and impact a culture who knows nothing about church tradition? I know there's no quick answer... so I'm praying a lot these days :-)

  • The LEGO Indiana Jones is great! I love those LEGO games...

  • This week: INCREDIBLE HULK!!! Hopefully this time it's actually an incredible movie... not like the last Hulk film.

  • I'm preaching twice in July and once in August. Three sermons and all in different churches. One here, in Waterloo and back in Montreal. Should be a blast!

  • Last night, our Youth Ministry put on an old fashioned hymn sing as a fund raiser to help their costs from the May retreat. I've never sat in one of those before. The organ nearly blow out one of the church's speakers! So if ever someone tells you that hymns are better then loud contemporary music tell them that hymn sings blow out speakers just like rock music! :-)


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