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Vacation in 4 Hours!

If I could just get off my blog and get back to work then I could finish up what needs to get done before I leave for a week vacation :-)

This afternoon we're heading off to Montreal for the weekend. Actually, just the kids and I will be staying in Montreal... my wife will spend the weekend with some friends in the US. Then Sunday night it's off to spend a quiet week up at my mom's. Looking forward to just relaxing by the lake and doing some fishing with the kids. I also picked up a couple of books to read. Fiction... nothing church related... and I'm hoping to hit the comic book store on the way out to grab a graphic novel or two.

I'll be preaching at our former church, Westview Bible Church, in Montreal this coming Sunday. I'm really looking forward to this. This is the church were I did my first sermon... so I it's kind of like a home coming :-)

What a Week!

Whewffff. I'm exhausted. This week was really crazy.

Went camping on Sunday till Tuesday. Rained on and off the entire time. Still, it was fun... just wish it was a tad dryer :-)

Picked up our van that we had repaired. Spent $3100 for a new transmission!!!! And guess what!?!?! Now it's sitting in the driveway and it won't start!!! And in order not to void the warranty I'm going to have to get it towed to the nearest Mr. Transmission garage. I hate cars.

Yesterday I helped my sister and her family move from Toronto to Waterloo. Actually... it was pretty much just my brother in law and myself who loaded up the truck! Thankfully today we had some help to unload it. We're going to have to own dad, Doug, Jenny and Alec BIG TIME for helping out today! I don't think I would have survived a second day of that :-) OK.... I probably would have... but I'd be falling asleep at the pulpit tomorrow morning.

Just putting the finishing touches on tomorrow'…

Latest Small Group Leader Podcast Online

In this episode of the podcast I look at the idea of being still and comtemplative prayer in our small groups.


I'd love to hear your feedback on this episode.

Now I Feel Guitly...

I just finished reading this Blog post from Ed Young Jr. In it he talks about the importance of keeping a clean and organized church facility. He states that "we have a responsibility in the Church to maintain a level of cleanliness".

I couldn't agree more. I want to see every part of our church building to be organized and really sharp... so that when people come in they are not distracted by things that look unprofessional or cluttered.

So why can't I seem to do this in my office???? My office is a DISASTER!!! It really is! In fact, when I visit other churches and sit in their offices I'm totally embarrassed about mine. I wouldn't want any of these pastors to come and sit in my office with me!

I have a ton of excuses about why my office looks this way.

Excuse #1: I'm working on 12 different ministry projects at the same time so all of them have to be spread out around me so I can jump back and forth to them.

Excuse #2: My office is made of odd and end…

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

YES!!!! I so can't wait to get my hands on this game for the Wii! I just loved the first one... sure, the game play got a little boring by the end... but the story was just AWESOME!

The Sticks Conference

I'm definitely considering attending this conference! This would be fantastic to network and meet with other pastors who are living the same context that we're in here in Elmira. Too many times I find myself reading stuff from the "Big City" churches... and wondering how does that translate to the small town that I live in??

the Sticks conference from newhopewired on Vimeo.

(If you're reading this on Facebook, click this link to see the video).

Wednesday Brain Dump

WOW! I am SOOOOO swamped with work right now! But I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I actually wish that I had 20 more hours a week to be working on all this stuff... but since I don't... and since I LOVE spending time with my wife and kids even more, I guess I'll just have to continue at this slower pace :-)

So here's a bunch of what's going on:

Yesterday I started using Google Reader as my blog reader. For the past couple of years I had been using Attensa since it was connected to Outlook... but since I barely carry my laptop around with me any more I was falling WAY behind on my blog reading... this way I'll now have everything no matter where I go. If you haven't checked this out yet, I would strongly recommend you spend some time playing with it. I'm hugely impressed so far!

I'm preaching this weekend at LifeSpring Christian Fellowship. I'm really looking forward to this. LifeSpring is a church plant that Woodside was a part of a number of years ago…

Happy Birthday Sam!

Today is my baby girl's fifth birthday.

Sam has the most wonderful sense of humour and is always performing in front of an audience (I have NO clue where she gets that from!) Just last night she was singing songs from Alvin and the Chipmunks and doing her Wall-E impersonations for 12 other kids. The parents were cracking up as well :-)

I really do dread the day when she's going to be too big to sit on my knee :-(

Happy Birthday Sweetie-Pie!

VBS Final Video

Originally uploaded by woodsidepowerlab Well, here's the last video with The Professor... and this time he brought a friend with him.

(Yes... I know this is incredibly cheesy... but that's what makes it so much FUN!)

If you're reading this on Facebook you can access the video with this link:

The Professor, Diet Coke and Mentos!

Originally uploaded by woodsidepowerlab Now THIS was FUN!!!!! Too bad we couldn't get it to shoot up into the sky... I'm going to have to practice this one some more!

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Professor's Wedneday Message

Professor's Message
Originally uploaded by woodsidepowerlab The Professor is back again today to show the parents what their kids learned at Power Lab.

(Man I LOVE my job!)

For those reading this on Facebook you can see the video here:

Professor's Message

Professor's Message
Originally uploaded by woodsidepowerlab Here's a little video from today's Power Lab!

And people wonder why I have so much fun this week :-)

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Ministering to Gen X'ers

Just finished reading this great post over at Chris Forbes' blog.

If you're passionate about families like I am you definitely need to head over there and give this a read.

Power Lab Kick Off

This morning was the start of this summer's Vacation Bible School at our church.

Our Children's Ministry team does a FANTASTIC job putting this on! Heather and Lynette are awesome and they put together such a fantastic team! I'm just blown away by how well this ministry runs!

VBS is definitely one of the highlights of my year... when else do I get to do some Bible teaching wearing really fun costumes!?!? I still have kids calling me Cowboy Rowdy from last year's character :-)

If you'd like to see more pictures from Power Lab you can following this LINK. More pictures (and hopefully a few videos) will be posted there as the week goes on.

Now... gotta start learning tomorrow's lines!

Happy Birthday Cameron!

WOW! My little guy is seven years old today! Where does the time go???

Cameron is such a wonderful kid. I'm incredibly proud of him.

Happy Birthday buddy!

Latest Small Group Leader Podcast Online

The newest Small Group Leader Podcast is now online. In this episode I look at the idea of celebrating in our small groups.


I'd love to hear your feedback on this episode.

Staff Party Idea

Well... here's a very interesting little way to celebrate with our staff at the next staff outing.

Dinner in the Sky!

I'll definitely have to book this for our staff here. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be available... so I hope everyone else has a great time.